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The modernization of the era has brought many benefits and one of the most enjoyed benefits is the online shopping in Pakistan with free delivery. Yes, no doubt, the online shopping has changed the behavior of shopping and nowadays, more and more people are becoming used to it. Who likes to shop in the hustle and the brisk crowd? So, doing online shopping in Pakistan is the best way to get your desired item at your doorstep. And is doing well from all aspects of online shopping. Whether you wish to do clothes shopping, or you need a trendy pair of sneakers, serves you the best.

About is Pakistan based manufacturers and an online shopping platform that provides their customers, an unparalleled around the clock shopping experience with maximum ease and a sky-high trust. don’t sell the leftover products. Our products are “A” class and export quality, offered to you direct from the factory, at the unbeatable prices. We excel in our manufacturing-to-shipping process making sure that quality remains uncompromised and the prices remain unbeatable. For us, our customers are our families.

Our Trendy Collection

As more and more people are now switching to online shopping in Pakistan, we came ahead with a unique shopping experience. We are having an unparalleled wide collection of household items like blenders, food processors and dry irons, Men’s and women’s wears like sneakers, handmade shoes, and hoodies. All of our categories are fulfilled with a wide range of uniquely designed reliable products. According to the season, we offer all our products in a large variety.

Seasonal Assortments

In summer, we provide household items like citrus juicers and blenders. The summer outfit category includes the t-shirts and light trousers. While in winters, our electronics category offers halogen heaters, coffee makers and many other useful items. And the winter outfits include the pullover hoodies, zipper hoodies, and comfortable sneakers for both men and women.

Not only the seasonal items are offered by, but we also care about your personal gadgets. Whether you need a hair and beard trimmer, or a hair curler, you can browse through the wide collection of branded gadgets at All we offer is the quality and comfort at best prices. How we differ from others is the quality of our products and the online shopping in Pakistan with payment on delivery service. Yes, you can pay when you get your item at your doorstep.

Nationwide Services

No matter where you are located, we provide our services all over Pakistan without any hidden charges. We deliver your products as soon as possible and quickly as compared to other online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Home Delivery / Payment on delivery / Cash on delivery / Free Delivery!

Yes, our delivery model works as Cash or payment on delivery and our products are Free delivered to you without any delivery charges. Wait, you said that everyone claims to offer this service? Of course, the traditional online stores claim to deliver your products free of cost. But actually, they have included the shipping charges in the product. don’t include any hidden charges and delivers the product to you directly from the factory.

Not Virtually, We actually exist!

Most of the online shopping sites in Pakistan are running virtually by a team of some active sellers. They get products like the clothes, shoes, bags and electronics items from the distributors and sell them online. Also, some of them just display the images of the products on their websites and manage to purchase them from the market as they receive an order. This leads to the high prices and hidden charges of the item. is not a virtual online marketplace but an actually existing network of manufacturers. We manufacture our special products and sell them directly to you at our Online shopping store. This is the reason why our prices are unbeatable.

Round the Clock service: don’t have specified working days but it offers its services 24×7, all across Pakistan. You can place your order anytime you wish and we are there. No matter if it is too dark, if you liked any of our product, say the handmade men’s shoes, you can simply place your order on our website and it is done. The rules are for customers, and you are our family, so feel free to order anytime, anywhere.

The Trendsetters: is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion wear. Our handmade shoes, comfortable sneakers, pullover hoodies, t-shirts, and trousers are the reflection of our modern taste. Both for men and women, we have an attractive collection of outfits and footwear at best prices. Stay connected with us and watch out our latest products. Be the first to shop the apparel at and standout from the crowd.

Secure and Trusted Online Shopping in Pakistan with Payment on Delivery:

At every purchase you make is secure because our all items come with 24 hours checking/replacement warranty without asking any stupid questions. This ensures that you are getting the same product for which you are paying. We don’t demand your personal information and the credit/debit card details. All you need to inform us is your basic information and the address for product delivery.

Now, what are you waiting for? Explore us and browse from our huge assortment of electronics, household items, kitchen appliances, personal gadgets, kids wear, men’s and women’s wear, and get them at your doorstep without any delivery charges and make Payment on delivery.