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In Pakistan, the e-commerce sector needs extra time and some valuable investments which are being lacked by almost anyone. Big brands are struggling yet, and all the online stores are selling almost the same products regardless of how great or small company is at the back. The online store, Kaymu.pk has also got a lot of criticism due to its low deals with no value for money and the poor customer service.

Here is our review of the 5 reasons Why Kaymu failed in Pakistan for:

1) Poorly Managed E-commerce Type

Kaymu had a lot of portals running without any specific direction. No enactment or government support. This is quite strange. Actually, the key is “positioning” and this is what the Pakistan e-commerce sector is not fully aware of.

2) The Bad Quality of Products

Obviously, Kaymu seems to be running on 149 positions in Pakistan. And still, this is not just enough. They want about 15% on each sale they make. For achieving that target, either the price should be high, or the quality of the product should be too. And to beat the price, the quality is the thing that can be compromised. This type of quality compromised deal is good just for those who manipulate a number of items they are getting at a specific price while ignoring the quality of the product is not an issue.

3) Unverified Sellers & False Advertisements

Kaymu does about zero to 10% verification of sellers. This is quite freehand to both the sellers and buyers, without the checking or inspection etc. Bad customer support whether they are buyers or sellers. Poor products and cheap positioning by these unauthenticated sellers. Another issue is that the sellers place the stock photos of the products and when a customer receives a package, it differs a lot from the stock image of the product. This leads to displease the customers. Sellers also try to fool them by creating orders and still submitting the order cancellation requests on site just to avoid the payment of that 15%. This is one of the 5 reasons Kaymu failed in Pakistan.

4) Bad Customer Experience

Criticizing the time management, the merchant uses to give a different time frame from the operator at Kaymu customer service that is restricted to about 5% of total buys. A lot of people cancel their orders for applying delays in the delivery. Sellers catch the buyers in, which makes the traffic and orders, thus, the owner manages to make his salary for a year. Average user experience is a big reason that collected everything.

5) Low Margins for Kaymu As A Platform

Ali Express, a well-known e-commerce brand was based on such an idea that was foretold to be a collapse for a decade, but they performed well according to their idea, kept on working hard and it proved fruitful. Execution of the plan is not an issue at all. The major issue was the business model comparison with traditional e-commerce models. Kaymu operates on the business model that needs a lot of network effect both from the end customers and the suppliers.

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