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Buy Dry Iron Online at Best Price in Pakistan

Dry iron is the most traditional iron that is most commonly used and s still very preferred since the earlier days of the popularization of electric energy. A dry iron heats up by turning electrical energy into thermal through a resistive element coil. You can modify the temperature settings through some controls that are made on the tip of the iron. The temperature settings are marked in form of digits and in some modern irons, it is marked as the fabric name. The iron remains at the constant temperature where you adjust it. A dry iron has a heavy iron baseplate also known as the soleplate. The soleplate gets heated and it presses the clothes and makes them wrinkle-free. The modern dry irons are cordless also that have a stand which passes the power to the iron when it is placed on it. The dry iron doesn't sprinkle water on the cloth like the steam iron. You need to use the extra shower to moisten the clothes. The major benefit of using a dry iron is that it is suitable for all kinds of fabric. If you wish to have a modern dry iron, log on to coupons.pk and buy dry iron online at best price in Pakistan. Coupons.pk introduces stylish electric dry irons at best prices. You can compare our prices with others and can judge yourself. We claim to provide latest dry irons from the best brands at the cheaper prices.

Wrinkle Free Clothes with the Best Dry Iron

Dry iron is best known for its compatibility with all kind of fabrics. Basically, a dry iron is heavy in weight and it is due to its soleplate. The heavyweight is very effective in ironing the clothes. For heavy fabrics like jeans, a dry iron is quite perfect. Order your dry iron today and get wrinkle free clothes with the best dry iron from the best brands.

Benefits of Buying Dry Iron

Buying a dry iron is quite beneficial. Following are the benefits of buying a dry iron:


A dry iron is very efficient and presses the clothes efficiently. It heats up quickly and as it powers off automatically, still it remains hot till the next power on, so you can easily press the clothes while the iron is off and can save energy as well.

Fabric Friendly:

A dry iron is fabric friendly and supports all kinds of fabric. Unlike steam iron, it doesn't harm silk and works smoothly. You can use a dry iron on lighter clothes and fabrics like chiffon, silk, velvet, linen etc.


A dry iron gives you a faster ironing experience. As it's soleplate is heavy, there is no need to iron the cloth twice as it gets wrinkle-free upon fist press.


The life of dry irons is very long. They remain working for many years without any fault.

Dry Iron Brands We Offer at Coupons.pk

Coupons.pk is a house of best quality brands that meet the international quality standards. Same is the case with irons. At coupons.pk, there is a wide range of modern dry irons. Randing from color to features, all the dry irons are of high quality, assembled with original parts. The dry iron brands we offer at coupons.pk are National, Panasonic, Kenwood, Philips, Braun, Geepas, Anex, and Westpoint.

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