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For the past few years, there has been a great increase in the e-commerce industry worldwide. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries, and in the domain of telecommunication, it doesn’t lag behind. The CEO of eBay Devin Wenig is expressing that E-commerce industry in Pakistan is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world right now.

According to a well-observed estimate, Pakistan is about to cross the US$ 820 million at the end of 2018. This is not all, but the government authorities have predicted that by the year 2020 Pakistan’s E-commerce market will going to be $1 billion.

This bursting trend of e-commerce industry in Pakistan has been mainly lighted in the modern times by the establishment and flourishing of 4G and LTE services. This spread the accessibility of internet all over the country and also allowed people to be more active when it comes to making purchases from online stores. Today, everyone understands the power of social media marketing.

Here are some of the shopping trends that are being observed in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. These consumer shopping trends will envision you of what is happening this field and will also guide you if you are deciding on some kind of e-commerce venture.

Age groups:

According to the different aspects of consumer buying behavior, the researchers expressed that the younger population is more attracted towards the use of e-commerce facility.


When it comes to buying things online, men have the upper hand in Pakistan. According to a survey, about 70% of e-commerce activities are done by males. But the average conversion rates between the males and females are surprisingly similar between the two genders.


Lahore and Karachi are the trendy cities and also the majority of educated people live here, therefore these two cities prove to be the most active when it comes to e-commerce. According to sources, about 27% of the total traffic has been noticed from Lahore while in Karachi, it is 26%. Other cities are the Islamabad and Rawalpindi with 21% of traffic.

Another reason for the boom in e-commerce industry in Pakistan is the fast and adequate lifestyle of people in Pakistan. As the country is growing economically and same is the case with the corporate sector, people are having less time to shop from place to place and they find suitable to shop for the products and services from various online resources and mobile apps.

Pakistanis are now provided more options to choose from. And the business operators are up to improve and give quality services to the customers. In the past, people were only interested in the electronics and smartphones etc.

They were buying only that things through an e-commerce application, but now they are various products ranging from groceries to kitchen utensils and automobiles, from furniture to electronic equipment, from clothes and shoes to food items, and services etc.

At the end, it is necessary to mention the that e-commerce industry in Pakistan is only going to prosper because the conditions of Pakistan are fully suited to any online business as more and more people are showing their interest in shopping from online stores.

These agencies provide clean and unique SEO and quality content services for marketing, which bring people on to the promoted platform and increase the sales of a specific product or service. We can simply say that the future of e-commerce is very bright in the rapidly evolving It environment of Pakistan.

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