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The commerce activities like sale, purchase, exchange or transfer of products or information or services, done with the means of electronics and several technologies are named as E-commerce. But, generally, the e-commerce is simply related to online transactions. Oftentimes the e-business and e-commerce terms are used conversely but actually they are two distinct concepts comprising of about three and four integrations each. As compared to e-commerce, the e-business is more difficult. e is One of the forms of e-commerce businesses with online shopping and online trading is known as the E-marketplace. It is a place where buyers and sellers meet trade services, goods, information or money or any consideration thereof.

The History of E-commerce in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the e-commerce was initially started in 2001. Suddenly the PayPal services in Pakistan got banned and the eCommerce business merchants started to use the cash on delivery, and also the bank payment methods to keep their trading continued. At that time, there was no other dedicated online payment service working in Pakistan, and it was unfair to online buyers in Pakistan. But later on, these needs were fulfilled to some extent due to the launch of a new method; mobile payment systems in Pakistan. The famous telecommunication company Telenor launched the “Easypaisa” Mobile Account Service in October 2009, through which users were able to pay bills and transfer and save money domestically as well as internationally. For saving money, they could use the easypaisa mobile account. This trend revolutionized the trading behavior and gained trust among online shoppers.

Implementation of E-Commerce in Pakistan:

  • Online shopping

It is the direct purchasing of goods from an online shop using a web browser that is supported by devices like smartphones, laptops and desktop computers etc. At present, the online shopping is largely carried out by the young generation especially the males masses in Pakistan. As per the history of e-commerce in Pakistan, the Pakistanis used to prefer manual approaches to buy goods. However, the future of e-commerce in Pakistan is bright because according to the current growth of e-commerce in Pakistan, it is flourishing rapidly.

  • Online banking

Online banking is the easiest and highly admired service by the Pakistanis for completing e-commerce transactions. All the mess to do is that the user just has to configure their credentials and use them easily regardless of their location.

  • Marketing

Besides of just shopping, e-commerce is also playing a major and effective role in the marketing of products all across the globe. Due to the inflated number of internet users, businesses are boosting and promoting the e-commerce by placing the products online and promoting them by creating advertisements. The marketing helps the online marketplaces like Coupons.pk and daraz.pk to raise their sales and prove the perfect use of the internet.

  • Social networking

Undoubtedly, the mobile phones are most widely used by the Pakistani people. For the past few years, cell phone technology has gained vital importance and has become the most prominent figure in Pakistan’s IT industry. E-commerce is notably emerging in terms of establishing a strong connection among consumers and conveying the information of products.

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