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The recent emergence of e-commerce in Pakistan & particularly in the city of Lahore has paved the way for brands to establish themselves throughout the city. As the city continues to experience mass construction for commercial sites, the brands are creating a hub, establishing their presence in all major areas. 

Lahore is a city that is widely acclaimed for the liveliness of the people and food is their forte. However, after food, another activity that the Lahoris love to spend their time at is shopping. The love for shopping never dies and that is represented in how the markets are open till midnight.  

Prominent areas such as DHA, Johar Town, Gulberg, etc have seen recent developments in the face of shopping malls. These malls consume less surface area and are reliant on multi-story floors that allow these brands enough space to open up their outlets. The brands, in order to become accessible to consumers from all areas of the city, attempt to create a greater number of branches & outlets. These malls are slowly becoming very accessible because they have opened up at the majority of the commercial areas of Lahore and some are very close to residential settings and colonies. Similarly, their top facilities such as free parking and food courts make them even more viable to be considered as options. However, when it comes to businesses, it is very costly for a local business to acquire a shop or buy one in these malls whereas large scale companies or big brands are easily able to afford it.  

One of the most growing markets is the apparel market where consumers are concerned with shopping clothing items and accessories. This market has seen a surge ever since international brands have arrived at the scene. There are plenty of international outlets that have their stores in various malls and in separate outlets as well. They pounce on the idea of superior quality and competitive pricing due to which consumers are attracted towards these brands. Another very important aspect that they take into consideration is how they provide after sales service and follow up on their consumers. They do not let their consumers experience problems and they put the client first. Their customer can never be wrong and this approach leads them to build brand loyalty and equity.  

Another way that these big brands have created a presence in Lahore is through their promotional activities. Their marketing campaigns are targeting the local market and their advertising represents the taste of the local consumers. This also shows that they come up with ample and appropriate market research that tells them how to create messages for their consumers.  

Moving on, these brands focus on sales and events that target the local market. For instance, majority of the clothing brands, including big ones, put up sales in times of Eid and other festivals because the consumer pattern represents that every individual is most interested in buying at that particular time of the year. Moreover, all year sales on off-season products also help them to get rid of their old stocks and dead wood of their shop because individuals focus on the low prices at these times and hence get attracted to them. offer all best quality products from different brands for online sale.  

Shopping has become one of the most enjoyable activities of Lahore and the brands often locate their shops and franchises near food spots. For example, each mall has its own food court that also has both international and local brands who produce quality cuisines. The people of Lahore are generally fond of dining out and eating with family on weekends is a constant trend. Hence, by providing such services, they become more and more highlighted in the eyes of the consumers and are also likely to receive a greater number of impulse purchases.  

As discussed above, the big brands have also established their own e-commerce stores. Previously, in the beginning, the e-commerce experience was poor for consumers of Lahore because of the poor quality of products. Now, since these brands sell it under their name and the products are their original, it has become a common trend for people to shop online. Since they deliver same day or free deliveries to big cities like Lahore (because they have established stores or headquarters), the big city sees much of their e-commerce sales.  

Nowadays, big brands are becoming stronger in Lahore and domestic producers are facing a tough time competing with them. Not only these brands have greater quality, but their competitive prices make it increasingly difficult for small scale brands to survive in the Pakistan E-commerce Market Size. For the local brands to stay competitive, they would have to increase their quality and find ways of targeting the gaps in the marketplace. Otherwise, the continuous trend of shopping in Lahore will continue and more power would reside with the big brands. 

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