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Online shopping is on the rise and every consumer in the world has a portal shopping store with at all times in the shape of a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop etc. Technology has started to play a part in all aspects of human life, from self-driving cars to e-cigarettes, everything new and futuristic is related to innovative technological progress. One of the activities that has been greatly impacted is shopping. In the contemporary world, everything is available on the internet to be purchased and big times stores such as have completely changed the dynamic of shopping goods.  

By 2020, e-commerce is predicted to stagger up 15% of all retail sales which is quite a significant figure. Retailers and manufactures are persistently working on channels to increase their interaction directly with the consumers and online shopping has certainly made it easy for them. This removes the middle man from the scenario and the customers are seen to be more convenient with buying directly from manufacturers. They also believe that it aids to reduce costs because it removes all the unnecessary costs associated with intermediaries.  

E-commerce has not only gained much prominence through computer based platforms but it has also gained momentum with m-commerce that is completely mobile based. By 2020, it is estimated that m-commerce alone would constitute 45% of the sales in U.S. This is an indication that brands are also slowly moving towards capturing the mobile market because consumers have the ability to interact with their mobile devices at any particular time of the day. This is how they become recipient to marketing messages 24/7 and creating greater opportunities for marketers to tap their target markets.  

The Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan List and the localized shops of Pakistan and particularly in the big cities of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, E-commerce has gradually gained widespread attention. People are now more aware of companies such as that increase the amount of convenience for people as they cannot just sit at home and shop but rather pay through desired delivery channels as well. These delivery channels also remove the hassle of carrying cash for people which is why e-commerce is becoming a huge trend. Since people decide to save time nowadays and shop from their offices or homes, it becomes easier for them to wire the money through a digital medium and then receive the good at their place instead of physically going to the shop and purchasing it. 

Apparel and clothing is the most prominent market of e-commerce in Lahore and then comes technology. There are many e-commerce stores that provide cash on delivery services and also offer after sales services such as returns and exchange. These services allow consumers to build a level of trust with the offering companies and hence their behavior turns into repeat purchase, that builds equity for these brands.  

The average individual spends almost 2 hours on the internet and in Pakistan, the trend is also similar. When a person spends significant amount of time, he/she encounters various products and the desire to purchase such things builds up. Brands use effective marketing strategies to tap the consumer and lure them into purchase. They make up the overall process easy and efficient so that the consumer can be quickly done with the purchase.  

Brands have also set up e-commerce stores that are quickly changing the future of e-commerce websites. Now one can easily shop on Facebook because Facebook gives the option of selling products directly which makes it further easier for the individual. The addition of Facebook as e-commerce adds to the amount of impulse purchases because as one is scrolling through, he encounters the availability of certain products which is an immense attraction for any individual.  

Another reason why consumers are moving towards e-commerce is because they believe that advertising on internet, as compared to other mediums is much more honest. They can now identify whether a certain photoshoot has been unnecessarily hyped or it is a true representation of the natural environment of the product.  

Another major e-commerce trend is the growth of influencers and how they build up hype for a certain brand or product. These influencers allow consumers to hear firsthand experiences of the product. Brands often use these individuals, who have certain following of their own and then get their word of mouth out that their brand is actually useful and adds value. Value addition is extremely important for any product and to convince a consumer that it is beneficial, these brands tap influencers who lure their followers into making e-commerce purchases.  

It will be interesting to see how companies like will evolve with the technological innovation that is taking place and how brands continue to take the trend of e-commerce in Pakistan and particularly, Lahore.

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