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An external drive is a hard disk drive (HDD) or also the solid-state drive (SSD) that is externally connected to the computer using an external port from outside, rather than on the inside. It means that it is a portable hard drive that can be used as a plug and play device. These hard drives use the USB, FireWire, or the eSATA interface for connectivity and send and receive data many times faster than the USB pen drives. Some external hard drives get power from their single data cable, from the USB port, while the others come with a power supply that is connected to the mains outlet.

The simplest way of understanding the external hard drive is imagining it as an internal hard drive that is removed from inside the computer, placed inside a protective casing, and plugged into your computer over a USB, FireWire, or an eSATA port. The portable hard drives work similar to the internal hard drives. You can also convert the internal hard drives to external hard drives using an external hard disk case or enclosure.

Like the internal hard disk drives, the external hard drives also come in different storage capacities, but they all connect to a computer using USB, FireWire, eSATA, ports. The external hard drives are also called the portable hard drives.

The external hard drives are very important and necessary for those use computers and share data with others. Using an external hard drive, you can share big amount of data, make the backups of data and store the data for longer periods for future use. If you are a PC or a Laptop user, you should own an external hard drive. There is no need to visit the computer market or the hardware shops. Just log on to and buy external and portable hard drives online at best price in Pakistan. If you are worried about the prices online, you can check the external hard drive price in Pakistan at different online stores and compare their prices with us. You will find that our prices are quite reasonable.

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You cannot rely on your internal hard disk for long as it might crash and lose all your important data that may not be recovered. So you need an external hard drive to make a backup of your data. Also, you need to share big amounts of data with others or you may need to copy the huge files to another pc, and the USB pen drive could not handle it. So, there is a sure need of an external hard drive so that you can take your data anywhere with your external hard drives safely.

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