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People know well about the smartphones. But most of them don’t know what the feature phones are. A feature phone is a mobile phone that includes some useful features such as the ability to access the store, the Internet and play music as well, but this phone lacks the advanced functionality that a smartphone possesses. The Feature phones are not the smartphones and basically, they are the low-end mobile phones at cheap costs. The only difference between these phones as compared to the regular simple phones, also known as the dumb phones is that the feature phones have more computing abilities than the dumb phones and less than the smartphones. The feature phones are perfect for those people who want more than just to make a phone call or send/receive text messages, but actually, don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone.

While you are looking to buy a cheap or basic feature phone you should consider the difference between cheap feature phones and cheap dumb phones. You will find many differences between these two categories. The technology has become advanced and the feature phones are now powered with a lot of useful and interesting features, and you may not need to buy the smartphones while spending a lot of money. And buying the dumb phones will not be a good move, because the prices of the feature phones are just a bit more than the dumb phones and very less than the smartphones while having a lot of features in hand. The best part of the feature phones is that they are very fast and handy when you make or receive a lot of calls and text messages. Now if you are willing to buy a feature phone, there is no need to visit different shops and bargain for prices, just arrive at and buy feature phone online at best price in Pakistan. is the only online marketplace that offers the best prices on high-quality feature phones. You can the feature phone price in Pakistan at different online stores for your satisfaction. You will find us with the best prices always.

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  • Nokia 216 Dual SIM
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  • Samsung E1200
  • Samsung Guru Music 2 B310E
  • Samsung Metro B313
  • Q-Mobile C15 Dual Sim
  • Q-Mobile E400 Pro Dual Sim
  • Q-Mobile L1 Classic Dual Sim
  • Q-Mobile Power 8 Dual Sim

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