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One of the most discussed topics on the web among the shaving fanatics is the shaving machine vs razor: Which one is Best? debate. There are a lot of benefits and lapses regarding both of the shaving approaches and nothing is totally right and wrong at all.

In this article, we will discuss both the shaving methods and will answer your question.

Pros of Electric Shavers

1. Convenience and speed.

The best and major reason for switching to electric shaving is its convenience and speed. There is no need to do a lot of preparations, no lathering, and brushes required. Just power it in, and start using.

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2. Comfort.

The usage of electric shaver will provide a lot of comfort, less irritation and no cuts, and nicks. You will get a close shave without any risks and harms.

3. Easy wet shaving

 Most of the modern electric shavers are waterproof and you can use the shaving creams and gels to get a closer, smooth wet shave.

4. Economical shaving

The first time purchase cost is usually high, but it will benefit you a lot in the long run. If used with proper care, a quality electric razor will last for many years. You will only need to replace the blades at least after a year.

Cons of Electric Shaving

1. Less close shaves

You can get very close shaving results using the high-end shavers but still, they cannot the results of the typical razor blade.

2. The time is required to get used to it

You will be disappointed by the results in the early electric shaving days. You may get some burns, hair patches that are left. But after a few days, you will get used to it and will use conveniently.

3. Expensive

High-end modern electric shavers from the big brands are expensive. The replacement parts are also very expensive.

Pros of Traditional Shaving

1. The closest shave.

Whether you use a straight, double edge or a triple edge razor, you will get the closest shave as compared to the electric shaver.

2. Economical.

The typical razors are very cheap as compared to the electric shavers. The typical razors give you 4 to 6 shaves and the high-end ones max out more, and still, cost less than the electric shavers.

3. Pleasant shaving experience

The hot water, the shaving cream of foam, the smooth shave by the razor, in combination, gives you the most enjoyable shaving sessions as compared to the noisy and bulky electric shavers.

Cons of Traditional Shaving

1. Time-consuming

You need to do extensive preparation work and also you slowly move your hand to avoid cuts, so the shaving duration is high.

2. Manual razor shave need practice

Making your hand run steadily across your face needs some time. You will need to do practice to get the perfect shave.

3. Risks of cuts and burns

The chances of getting cuts, nicks, and burns are high while using the straight razors. You need to be very careful while moving the razor through bumps and curves.


The battle on Shaving machine vs razor: Which one is Best? is very straightforward. Both the methods are best in their regards.

However, the best shaving method is actually one that works best for you and gives you the results you need.

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