Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan Leave a comment is Pakistan’s fastest growing Online E-commerce shopping zone that hosts a wide range of Apparel, Electronics and General use consumer items. emerged in 2012 in the local market and became online since 2015 and is rising day by day. Providing the home delivery services all over the Pakistan. is becoming favorite among almost all Pakistani, especially the youth. Unlike other e-commerce stores, we do not just claim our quality of services and best prices but, we do what we say.

Though we are not working for many years like the other traditional shopping zones, we still prove to be the best due to our high-quality goods, and product delivery directly forms the factory to your doorstep. We make our own products and deliver them to you. Our production chain is distributed among various parts of the country, and we are spreading all over Pakistan.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2018

There are many other Online E-commerce stores that are working for many years and promoting themselves by offering their various products, services and offers. These stores are serving millions of potential buyers and set a competition for online shopping in Pakistan. However, different online stores have their different products ranges, prices and offers. Also, their policies and delivery criteria are different. We have listed the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan here according to their popularity and scope in Pakistan’s e-commerce shopping industry.


Undoubtedly, Daraz is the market leader nowadays. In the past, Daraz has made the correct marketing strategy and partnership decisions enabling it to increase its reach among the masses and improve the brand name recognition. Nowadays, Daraz is not only an online retailer but a complete household warehouse.

According to a survey, about 9.3 million unique visitors every month visit and so it takes the first place in our rankings.

The reasons is at no.1 are its marketing strategy, user-friendly website, a wide range of products and home appliances at affordable prices with a smart refund policy.

2: is another famous online shopping platform. As known that is not a retailer but, it hosts thousands of sellers offering all types of products to the public. The amazing fact is that, has many unsatisfied consumers but it is still running as the second most famous e-commerce store in Pakistan.

Kaymu offers both C2C & B2C services to its customers and lets the willing sellers and potential buyers trade directly with each other at one place.

3: is an old e-commerce shopping zone and has been in this race for long, yet, it only comes third in the rankings with approx 886,670 views per month. could have done better using some strategic marketing and brand promotion techniques. The only way for is the capitalization on its wide range of products by branding more aggressively.

4: is one of the oldest retail e-commerce stores in Pakistan working since 2006. Even though it has a moderately fair selection of various products, yet is mostly known for its Chinese accessories and gadgets. It is mostly known for its unique gadgets that are searched by millions of people. lacks an up-to-date Web design. They are having a typical design so, the visitor doesn’t stick to it for long.

5: ShopHive is among the oldest e-commerce shopping stores in Pakistan. Despite its lead in the e-commerce market, ShopHive lost it’s position to the online stores who came to the market a few years later. So, it is now at a fifth ranking that is low for an old e-commerce store.

Shophive is having a less user-friendly website and lacks a superior design. Also, it needs rebranding.

6: Yayvo

Yayvo is an e-commerce shopping zone hosted by TCS. It has gained a new name recently and was known as TCS Connect in the past. It is placed sixth in this list, having 466,670 monthly visits, but no doubt, due to strong marketing strategies, Yayvo seems to take higher places. It has shown a fast movement as compared to other e-commerce sites.

Yavyo has to control it’s prices and set a new challenge among others. Its website has gained importance now and has gained many visitors.


Another online shopping platform, known for its wide range of electronics, gadgets and men’s and women’s goods. It has about 436,670 average monthly visits. It has suffered a lot of traffic loss, but due to an increase of new products, it is improving its searches now.

It has a good and attractive website design. It lacks the engaging visitors just because of the lack of recommendations on its product pages.


This online shopping platform is working at the same time as, but due to the lack of smart marketing skills, it doesn’t gain much importance in the e-commerce industry. It has only 396,670 views per month. needs improvement in its website design. Also, it needs huge marketing and brand promotion efforts. At present, it doesn’t seem to make advancement.


Telemart is a cool name in terms of e-commerce, but it failed to reflect its preferences. Its web design remained outdated for very long and also its marketing is dead. It is having about only 276,670 visits per month. has used poor or obsolete techniques for marketing and now they don’t seem to be working for their brand promotion. needs a highly effective marketing to relive itself.


At last of this list, there comes the new e-commerce brand, with monthly 217,670 visitors. It is still a new e-commerce brand but is working will full effort to raise its ranking among its competitors. is using a smart marketing technique and gets most of its visitors, through social media, direct searches and referrals. still needs a catchy web design to compete against its rivals. However, the major keychain is the marketing strategy.

As the online shopping trend is rapidly increasing day by day in Pakistan, many e-commerce sites are emerging and gaining user’s trusts with their cool offers. This series of e-commerce shopping platforms will remain continued and many new online shopping platforms will emerge. However, the only key to success for an e-commerce store is the smart marketing, affordable prices, best refund policies and many other services that a consumer wishes.

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